DILES is the acronym for Distance Learning System. This website is an electronic education system created for health workers working in different parts of the world by using distance education technologies in order to share knowledge and experience in the field of health among health workers globally.
                 With the fact that the process of globalisation and obsolescence of traditional borders have accelerated during the last half century, the demand for digital communication and interaction is increasing in a rapid way throughout the world. From this point, the DILES system aims to share knowledge and experience in the field of health via trainings with proven scientific competence in the field of global health on the basis of equality of opportunity regardless of geographical limitations and time element.
Considering the fact that education is a lifelong process, DILES’s such features as overcoming geographical restrictions, providing instant and desired access to the system, lowering economic costs in access to information, and providing interactive feedback make the system advantageous for global health workers.
The goals of DILES system are;

·       to share Turkey's knowledge and experience with esteemed health workers on global health arena and thereby to contribute to our global health and humanitarian solidarity.

·       to enhance concrete cooperation partnerships in the field of global health by ensuring coordination between different countries and regions as a result of shared knowledge and experiences.

·       to ensure that the importance of investments made in digitalization in the field of health is understood and to contribute to the increase of R&D activities in this field throughout the world.

·       to make certain customs and practices taken for granted and to get the all humanity to benefit in the light of a scientific perspective in the field of global health