Republic of Turkey has achieved important advances in health information technology. Increased infrastructure facilities in healthcare provision and health records became an important gain of the health system.
   To cover all the requirements stipulated by the Sustainable Development Goals, information systems have supported the sub-sectors of health. In this context, the scope of health technologies is important for emergency preparedness. Thus, Turkey's capacity of response in disasters and pandemics as well as willingness in international cooperation have been strengthened.

   COVID-19 has affected nearly the all the countries around the world, including Turkey. With the help of resilience of the health system, Turkey has successfully managed the pandemic by implementing strong public health measures and providing high quality care. Today, we are able to share experience, particularly best practices, and cooperate in technical areas with many international partners, especially with the World Health Organization.
   For this purpose, a joint program was launched between the Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey and the World Health Organization (WHO). The program includes video courses on the experience of Turkey on COVID-19 since the beginning of the outbreak.
   It is expected that the policy makers and experts from participant countries will benefit from experiences of the members of Turkish Scientific Advisory Board on COVID-19 and will enrich their national policies in response to outbreak.
   The courses target participants nominated by their Ministries of Health who are medical doctors, other healthcare professionals, health policy experts and specialists working in pandemic related sectors. The language of the course is English at this stage. Participants who follow all the courses will be able to receive their certificates of participation at the end of the program.

Chad healthcare professionals will be able to reach the course at the following address;https://dileseys.saglik.gov.tr/giris.aspx